Community Wireless Infrastructure Research Project

The Community Wireless Infrastructure Research Project (CWIRP) project brings together an interdisciplinary team of academic researchers and community and government partners to engage in in-depth case studies of public/community-based ICT initiatives in order to document and assess the various models, best practices and benefits of public ICT infrastructure provision in Canada.


Community Partners

K-Net (NW Ontario)
Wireless Nomad (Toronto)
Ile Sans Fil (Montreal)
Fred-eZone (Fredericton)

Our case studies - K-Net (NW Ontario), Wireless Nomad (Toronto), Ile Sans Fil (Montreal) and Fred-eZone (Fredericton) - represent leading and innovative examples of public/community-based ICT infrastructure deployment in remote and urban community settings in Canada.

The CWIRP project delivered a series of studies that, in addition to enriching the academic research literature on community ICTs, will help foster more informed discussion and debate within communities and policy making circles about the nature, benefits and challenges of community ICT infrastructure.

Final Report

This Project has been made possible through a financial contribution from Infrastructure Canada,
and is also supported by Ryerson University, York University and the University of Toronto.
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